Going on a road trip?

Road Trips?

I had the experience of traveling with two of my dogs back to back recently and it was quite the experience! Here are a few tips to help prepare you and your dog for a long distance road trip!

Should my dog be in a crate while traveling?

It is ideal to travel with your dog in a crate. You want to ensure it is large enough for them to turn around in but not be too big that they can slide around in. The crate should have some sort of ventilation so that they are getting air circulation.


Is your dog ready for a long road trip?

It is important to ensure that you have taken the time to travel with your dog for short distances before you expect them to travel long distances. Assess that they are comfortable and can handle the short distances before expecting them to handle the long trips!

Will my dog get motion sickness?

This goes along with ensuring your dog gets used to traveling in a car. If your dog has a tendency to get car sick limit the amount of water as well as food. Give a light meal several hours before traveling and not right before. I like to give my dogs ice cubes (because they love them) during their road trip.

Ensure you have a travel kit & first aid kit

Bring all of the things you would have at home for your dog on the road as this will help them feel more at home. Food dishes, food, water, crate, treats, collar, leash, ID tags, plastic bags, grooming supplies, rabies/vet records and most importantly a first-aid kit. You can make your own first aid kit or purchase one made just for dogs. I have this first aid kit for my pups!


Take frequent breaks

If possible plan out where you will stop to take breaks with your dog. I always like to stop and take breaks in unique places. This gives me the opportunity to take photos of my pups on our journey and it gets them out of the vehicle and moving.

Never leave your dog alone in a vehicle

Your dog should never be left alone in a vehicle on a hot day, even with the windows down. It does not take long for the temperature in a vehicle to become dangerous. On the same note, you do not want to leave your dog in freezing cold weather as the dog’s temperature could drop quickly.


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