Meet the Trainers

My name is Amber Eisfeld and I am the owner and manager of Big Leap of Faith Dog Training & Services. I have loved dogs and dog training since I was a kid. I grew up with a Collie/Golden Retriever mix, German Shepherds, and American Akitas. My mom and dad raised German Shepherds and I raised American Akitas! There was never a moment that we did not have a dog around! I started my dog training journey 8 years ago at the St. Paul Dog Training Club. I currently teach all obedience puppy classes at the club. Teaching puppies and their owners is one of my favorites because puppies are like sponges and their owners love their puppies! I also teach at the German Shepherd Dog Club of Minneapolis/St. Paul. I teach the puppy, basic obedience, and novice classes with all German Shepherds.

Big Leap of Faith is named after my two Pit bull mixes, Biggie and Faith. I have always had a passion for dogs and training but it was not until a 4-month-old Pit bull mix came into my life that I knew the love I had for training came in all breeds and sizes.

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Biggie was his name and although he was on the smaller side he definitely was bigger than life! I had informally trained my dogs most of my life, but Biggie was the first dog I can say I truly trained. He was my heart dog. He loved obedience and agility, the latter which really brought the best out of him. He passed his CGC with flying colors. I lost him in January 2017 and not a day goes by that I do not think about him.

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Faith came into my life when she was 9 weeks old. Like Biggie, her personality is one of a kind. Her name is fitting as she has survived cancer and a variety of other health issues. Faith eagerly works for food. She has her CD, RN, & CGC title. Faith has a heart of gold and is always happy and smiling. She loves walks and playing in the water, chasing toys and not always bringing them back! In this area, she has me trained!

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Pac is my German Shepherd, who is now 21 months. He is a total goofball who still does not quite understand his body! Pac is a fetch-o-holic, I could literally throw the ball for hours and he would never tire. Pac and I are actively pursuing careers in conformation, obedience, and agility. He has his CGC, CGCA, CGCU, TKP, RE, BN, and CD titles. Pac passed his Temperament test. Pac also won the 2017 Futurity Victor at the GSDCA and is a Champion in Conformation. I am looking forward to many more sports in his future but for now, we are continuing his love for learning.

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Yuuna, a Japanese Akita, is my newest addition and a pup with whom I hope will help preserve the breed. She is currently 1 of 1,000 of her breed in the United States, which is a different breed than the American Akita. Yuuna loves attention on her own terms and is pretty independent. Despite her stubbornness at times she excels at obedience and agility. She also shows in conformation, a sport we are both learning.  She will do ANYTHING for food and toys. She plays fetch when SHE wants too but would rather just run around the yard!


Sharon Grant

Sharon graduated from Bergin University of Canine Studies in 2009 where she studied Service Dog Education. Since then she interned for two years with American Poodles at Work, and taught classes at Petsmart and two different dog training clubs. She currently trains service dogs with Can Do Canines.

Sharon got her first dog in February of 2010. She immediately started teaching her golden puppy, River a little bit of everything but especially enjoyed teaching him tricks. River even earned his trick dog champion title. An American Staffordshire Terrier mix puppy found her way into Sharon’s life in 2016.  Journey is an enthusiastic dog with a love for life and everything in it. Her training focus has been mainly impulse control and manners.

In 2015 Sharon started competing in canine freestyle and it quickly became her favorite dog sport. River has earned Perfect Dance Partner titles in freestyle, heel work to music and skits.
He has also earned bronze bars in freestyle and heel work to music. River has many high scoring awards and other specialty awards.

Journey has recently earned her first Q in Perfect Dance Partner as well as her beginner heel work to music title. Sharon has also earned titles in Obedience, Rally, dock diving, and tricks.

Sharon teaches BLOF’s Canine Freestyle and alternates the Young Dog, Old Dog, Trick Dog! Tricks Class I and Advanced Obedience class with Amber.