_DSC0467Why training your dog is important!

Big Leap of Faith believes a well-trained dog has a life full of happiness and that happiness depends on you! Training is an important part of any dog’s life.  I always tell my students they purchased the dog and it is up to them to invest the time to ensure they have a well-trained pet.

Dogs need both mental and physical stimulation and training offers the mental part of that equation. There are many benefits to training but probably the most meaningful is the chance to bond and connect with your dog. Having a dog who is well trained, obedient, happy, relaxed, responsive and easy for you to manage means you will get more pleasure from dog ownership and are likely to be closer to your dog.

My Approach

My approach to dog training is simple: Use the method that best suits the dog and  owner. Every dog is different so the type of training and their expectations should also be different. Positive and balanced dog training creates enthusiastic, happy dogs. Training with rewards allows me to have a “complete toolbox” and the ability to train the widest range of clients and their dogs. All classes are taught using rewards, praise, and lots of fun!

Big Leap of Faith offers private lessons, group classes, board & train, and behavior intervention.